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EyEnvy Testimonial by Elly!

EyEnvy me.

Author: Elly Hanson

From Elly’s Blog:

September 15, 2013

If you are like me and are cursed with teeny little lashes and look at people like Anne Hathaway, that good-looking guy next door or those cute babies who seem to be blessed with more hair around their eyes then on their heads. Let’s face it if we could wear fake eyelashes day in and day out we totally would! I also don’t have the patience for eyelash extensions and it annoys me when I go swimming that my waterproof mascara could be rubbed under my eyes creating a very stunning Panda bear look… but what if we could just make our eyelashes grow longer?!

In June I purchased a product that has done exactly this. NO joke.

Yep it’s true – say Hello to EyEnvy. This magic serum has seriously made my eyelashes grow longer I just apply on the skin of my upperlid every morning before I put my makeup on and then after about 6-7 weeks this happened…..

after elly aus testimonial before elly aus testimonial

I did a little bit of research and I found that I wasn’t the only one who had achieved results! This product is based in Canada and has only launched here in Australia! Perfect timing for summer. Now all I need to do is work on my bikini body…

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You can contact Karen directly at or check our their FACEBOOK ad website. And here are my eyes with make up on. (If you would like to know what makeup I use just hit me up)

makeup elly aus testimonial

Even Eyenvy my lashes

Dayum I am cheesy

Elly xxx

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